Aselsan Retains its Position in the Istanbul Stock Exchange Sustainability Index

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Aselsan has achieved significant success for the sixth time in the Sustainability Index, which was initiated by Borsa Istanbul in order for companies, that have adopted sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles and that have made a difference in these areas, to be noticed by the investors.

Within the scope of the Index, an independent research organization based in London, with which Borsa Istanbul cooperates, reviews and evaluates the sustainable activities of companies in major areas such as corporate governance, environmental awareness, social responsibility, ethical principles, human rights, employment practices, occupational health and safety and supply chain. In this way, a tool is created to facilitate investment in successful companies on sustainability, which has become increasingly important and the most essential investment criteria for some institutional investors, and various indicators are arranged for companies to improve themselves.

Aselsan, as one of the 15 companies in Turkey that succeeded in taking part in the index since its launch in 2014, has retained its position each year, and this year it again has taken part with the other 56 companies thanks to activities that it has conducted in the fields that meet the criteria of the index and Aselsan is continuously improving their efforts in this regard. 

Aselsan is also the only defense industry company in Turkey that was involved voluntarily in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the world's most prestigious and most comprehensive environmental initiative. With its activities carried out during 2018 in the field of carbon emissions, Aselsan performed above the world and country average and raised its “B” score to “A-”. With this score, Aselsan is one of the two companies that achieved the highest score in the CDP field in Turkey and takes justified pride in having received the same score with the world's leading defense industry leaders.

The Sustainability Report and the CDP Report are published annually in Turkish and English and can be found on the Company's website.