Aselsan’s Continued Ascent as Turkey’s Defense Industry Powerhouse

With exports steadily on the rise as a result of strategies implemented to face the challenges of today’s world, Aselsan’s Marketing Director – Mr.Ahmad Hamed Marar shares the success of their vigorous export campaign, their focus on local engagement, strengthening the performance of Joint Ventures in new and expanding markets

Issue 78 - November 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Ahmad Hamed Marar, first of all thank you for your time. Recently, you adopted a new format in your organizational structure as Aselsan’s Marketing Directorate. Could you please bring us up to speed on your responsibilities and personnel structure within this newly established institutional structure?

Today, Aselsan is much bigger in terms of organization and more active in different fields and geographies than it was 10-20 years ago. In order to carry out its activities in conformance with the  challenges in today’s international markets, continuous updates are implemented in terms of organization and responsibilities in each division. International Marketing Directorate is one of the key elements in Aselsan’s structure. As a result, we must keep ourselves up-to-date in terms of organization, responsibilities and personnel structure.