Aselsan’s New Delivery in Air Defense Systems

Tarih: Issue 111 - December 2021

Delivery of the Fire Control Equipment (FCE) and Modernized Towed Gun (MTG) systems for the Land Forces Command and Air Forces Command in line with the serial production contract signed in 2017 by the Presidency of Defense Industries and Aselsan is in progress. The acceptance tests of seven FCE and MTG systems were accomplished in 2021. The systems were delivered to the user troops after the completion of the acceptance tests with the participation of the acceptance committee formed by the Presidency of Defense Industries and Land Forces Command. Throughout the acceptance tests, FCE and MTG systems have once again proven their capabilities with ballistic and non-ballistic field tests and factory acceptance tests.

The training simulation developed to provide the most efficient user training for the FCE system was also delivered to the Land Forces Command in 2021. The FCE Set provides a low altitude air defense solution based on the most updated technology to secure effective air defense of critical facilities and fixed military forces. The FCE system can assume the control of up to three MTGs and a HİSAR-A Missile Launcher System (MLS) simultaneously. A typical FCE Set comprises one Fire Control Equipment (FCE), two 35mm Modernized Towed Guns and one Low Altitude Air Defense Missile Launcher System (HİSAR-A MLS). The HİSAR-A Missile Launcher Systems launched to utilization in 2021 by the Land Forces Command are performing successfully in maintaining the most effective air defense for our country.