Aselsan’s Night Vision Devices: The Eye of Kazakh Army

The Kazakh Army’s night vision devices will be manufactured by Aselsan’s participation in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Aselsan Engineering (KAE). 

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

After previously receiving the license from the Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry to manufacture and market night vision devices and thermal vision systems, KAE signed two separate agreements with the Kazakhstan Defence Ministry and the Border Security Command.

Operating since 2013, KAE manufactures electro-optic and electronic devices and systems to meet the needs of military and civil organisations and countries in the region. Fifty percent of KAE’s shares belong to Kazakhstan Engineering, 49 percent to Aselsan and 1 percent to the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. Eighty Kazakh nationals are employed at the plant. The plant operating on a 8,500 m2 closed area has night vision and thermal device producing and testing facilities, a lab for environmental conditions, a measurement and calibration lab, material storage and packaging facility and an electronic production and testing facility.