Aselsan Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with its Approved Suppliers

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

In order to minimize the burden of design, development and production, to make maximum use of the expertise of its suppliers due to the close cooperation starting from the design stage and to make the material/service procurement process faster and more reliable, Aselsan signed strategic cooperation agreement with its approved suppliers having the required technological infrastructure and expertise, and that tend to develop themselves with the support to be provided and to establish long-term cooperation.

In a ceremony organized at the Productivity and Technology Fair held between October 31 and November 3 with the theme of Technologies for the Future, the protocols signed with the participation of Aselsan Chairman and CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN were presented to business partners.

By signing strategic cooperation agreements with 13 approved suppliers as a result of the evaluations that were conducted, Aselsan expanded the number of its strategic partners in this field to 36.

Aselsan aims to increase the number of its strategic partners each year to contribute to design and production processes by closely following technological developments.

Certificate of Appreciation to Suppliers Contributing to Nationalization and Indigenization

Aselsan made a strong impression with its products and cooperation demonstrated with its business partners at the Productivity and Technology Fair. Continuing its support toward national and domestic product development processes, Aselsan presented examples of the technologies it has developed.   By minimizing foreign dependency with production through domestic and national opportunities, the impact of secret/concealed embargoes will be significantly reduced.   Aselsan presented its indigenized products at the fair showcasing their diligence and fervent resolution to eliminate the risk of foreign dependency in these areas.

At the Efficiency and Technology Fair, nationalization/indigenization brochures prepared by Aselsan were presented and the products the nationalization/indigenization processes of which been completed were announced together with their business partners. Aselsan Chairman and CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN presented certificates of appreciation to eight companies, including SDT, for their contribution to the nationalization/indigenization of ten different products.