Aselsan – Sub-Industry Companies Selection and Evaluation Process

Issue 76 - July 2017

Since its establishment, Aselsan has been collaborating with the SMEs and Sub Industry companies and has attached great importance to the development of these companies. Aselsan’s policy of benefiting from the sub industry is based on procuring all commodities and services that could be designed and/or produced domestically through local resources. With the business volume increasing especially in recent years, in parallel with the technological development of the sub-industry companies, the ratio of benefiting from the sub industry companies in the areas of design as well as in production activities have increased. In this way, the sub industry has even attained the system development level beyond sub-system development from the level of unit and device. In order to keep up with the growing workload in accordance with customer expectations, improving the quality and performance of the existing sub-industry companies and adding the qualified sub-industry companies to their approved company portfolio became obligatory.

Aselsan has evaluated the sub-industry companies through a fair and transparent evaluation process while conducting their selection and certification processes. According to this process; a sub-industry company that is willing to team up with Aselsan, accomplishes its official application by filling out the application form at the Aselsan Supplier Portal at Aselsan’s corporate website. The application form gathers general information, production/test infrastructures, personnel infrastructure, design tools, financial and administrative structure, references of the companies as well as their certificates regarding the quality and security.