Aselsan Team up with Şişecam Group for Developing Glass and Glass Ceramic Materials

Şişecam Group, a global player in all key areas of glass, and Aselsan Turkey’s largest defense electronics provider, will work together to develop joint projects. Within the scope of the cooperation, Aselsan aims to develop domestic and national solutions for product composition and optimization in addition to supplying materials at standards to be used in defense industry projects

Tarih: Issue 90 - February 2019

Aselsan and Şişecam Group have signed a cooperation protocol in order to provide solutions for the products to be used in Aselsan’s defence industry-focused projects as well as product composition and optimization. Under the signed protocol, Şişecam Group and Aselsan will work together with the aim of producing unique solutions by combining their opportunities, capabilities, and experience from their deep-rooted history.

Aselsan Chairman & CEO Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Aselsan Corporate Management Vice President Doç. Dr. Hakan KARATAŞ, Şişecam Group Vice Chairman & CEO Prof. Dr. Ahmet KIRMAN and Şişecam Group Chief Research Technological Development Officer Prof. Dr. Şener OKTİK attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation protocol at Aselsan Macunköy facilities with the aim of laying the foundation for future collaboration and cooperation.

Emphasizing that they continue to create value for Turkey, Şişecam Group Vice Chairman & CEO Prof. Dr. Ahmet KIRMAN stated the following in his speech at the ceremony: “Founded in 1935 with the mission of establishing and developing the glass industry in our country, Şişecam Group became a leader in its field in the world over the past 80 years and has continued to create value for our country at every stage of its deep-rooted history. Today, our Group, carrying out its production activities with 43 facilities in 13 countries on three continents, is the third largest manufacturer of glassware and the fifth largest manufacturer of glass packaging and flat glass in the world. In addition to being one of the 10 largest soda producers in the world, we are the world leader in chromium chemicals. I think of our cooperation agreement with Aselsan, which has become a company on an international scale by expanding its activities and having started in 1975 in order to cater to the national and unique communication requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, is very meaningful in this respect. I believe that these two reputable organizations will undertake important projects together thanks to their knowledge and experience in their fields of activity.”

Aselsan Chairman & CEO Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, in his speech at the ceremony, said the following: “Our priority is to meet the requirements of our country in the field of defense with indigenous solutions. Aselsan currently has more than 400 projects being carried out simultaneously. Some of those are major projects known to the public, and some are special projects that merely were launched regarding the requirements of our security forces. We aspire to make the most out of any ability, developed, or to be developed, domestically. We have significant engineering capability. We produce a variety of products and systems from military systems to civilian systems. Almost all of the toll collection systems on the highways, apart from that the power systems for renewable energy systems in the energy sector, are produce by Aselsan. In addition, we are currently working on manufacturing X-ray and MRI devices for the health sector. We pay special attention to cooperating with all companies that will work and produce with us in these sectors.”

Within the scope of the cooperation the goal is to develop a wide range of glass and glass-ceramic materials for use in various equipment to be developed by Aselsan, particularly the periscope glasses of our national Main Battle Tank. The cooperation is to be carried out in two phases consisting of preliminary studies and the production of prototypes and will be valid for at least two years. Compared to conventional glass, these materials are expected to have thermal shock resistance, high durability, and unique optical performance according to the specs of the equipment to be applied. The compositions of these products to be used by Aselsan is aimed to be developed and produced by Şişecam indigenously at all stages starting from the point of raw material.