Aselsan - Turkey’s Avionics Leader

The flight management, navigation, electro-optical, communication, radar, electronic warfare, weapon and mission systems designed and manufactured by Aselsan have been fielded and used by the Turkish Armed Forces for many years

Issue 83 - July 2018

Aselsan, Turkey’s leading defense company, has been successfully performing its activities over 40 years for the development and production of the most critical avionics systems used in helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the integration of such systems to air platforms for both national and international customers. Beginning its activities in the area of avionics with the production of navigation systems of the F-16 fighter aircraft in 1988, Aselsan is now one of the best known avionics equipment manufacturers in the world with 1,200 experienced personnel in the field of aviation and now transferring its experience into civil avionics area as well.

The modernization of more than 500 air platforms over 20 different types is totally accomplished by Aselsan engineers with its own know-how and capabilities. Aselsan also integrates all types of weapon systems including national munitions to air platforms through indigenously designed mission computers.