Asess Elektronik: Innovative Solutions in Environment Test Cabins

Issue 61 - May 2015

Asess Elektronik, producing indigenous products in the subject of environmental conditions test cabins in its factory which has initiated under challenging conditions and getting established after a long process in Eceabat, is progressing rapidly in the path of becoming a “Brand” by producing indigenous products with its own equity. 

Asess Elektronik providing conditioning systems conditions in the world and space, and services in this subject in a wide spectrum from space, aviation, automotive, white goods to drug industry in various sectors started its activities in the year 2009. Continuing with its production in a closed area of 4000m2 and open air area of 8000m2 in Çanakkale Eceabat, and R&D activities in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Technology Development Region, Sarıcaeli Campus, has become specialized in the topic of the production of environment conditions test cabins  which are needed especially by today’s laboratories with its young computer, mechatronic, machine and cold conditioning systems’ engineers staff.