Aspilsan Energy`s Transition to Havelsan Cloud Computing and the Opening of New Warehouse/Administrative Building

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

With the ceremony held in Kayseri on January 29, 2020, the transition of Aspilsan Energy to Havelsan Cloud Computing and the New Warehouse/Administrative Building Opening were realized.

This important cooperation between Aspilsan and Havelsan, the two subsidiaries of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF), has served as a model for the nationalization and indigenization move of our country in technology and software.

With cloud computing technology developed by Havelsan and put into the use of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation for the first time, Aspilsan has had the opportunity to renew its server rooms and network infrastructure, to obtain the installation and maintenance services for its network devices, to obtain services over a fiber line for its servers with the move of servers to Havelsan facilities, and to manage all its campuses from a single point.

During the ceremony attended by the TAFF Deputy General Manager V. Sadık PİYADE and Aspilsan and Havelsan Senior Executives, Havelsan Cloud Computing technology was tested and verified through the live connections made to Aspilsan's Ankara and Istanbul offices.

Acting General manager of TAFF V. Sadık PİYADE highlighted his confidence in Havelsan that it will successfully implement the Cloud Computing Service also in Aspilsan and said, “I have no doubt that Aspilsan will achieve significant success with this strength backed by Havelsan.” 

While Havelsan Vice President of the Board of Directors Mustafa ŞENOL stated that the cloud computing technology that is secured by Havelsan’s own cyber security products is an extremely reliable, indigenous and national solution, Aspilsan President of the Executive Board İlhan BÖLÜK said that he believes this cooperation intended for the national technology will set an example for all domestic and national efforts, particularly for other Foundation companies.

While Havelsan General Manager Ahmet Hamdi ATALAY stated that Havelsan has undertaken a crucial task in increasing the software localization rate in our country; Aspilsan General Manager Ferhat ÖZSOY said that with Havelsan Cloud Computing Technology, they now have access to the requested files and software applications wherever and whenever they want, regardless of location.