ATARD is an internationally competitive defense and aerospace company which provides and develops advanced technological applications and solutions on the basis of national r

Issue 10

ATARD is established as a private enterprise in the beginning of 2008. Our headquarters and plant are in Eskisehir, Turkey. We have a design office at the Technology Development Centre of Eskisehir Organized Industry Area (ATAP), Eskisehir, Turkey.

The main areas of expertise of ATARD are,
a. Design, development and manufacturing of internal combustion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
b. Design and development gas turbine seals
c. Composite and metallic airframe design, development and manufacturing including composites parts and components

ATARD has the capability of using RTM, VARTM, Resin Infusion, Vacuum Bagging, Prepreg Oven Curing and Open Moulding techniques for composite part manufacturing. Also ATARD has knowledge, experience, specialized manpower and competence in receiving of preforms, resin components and other raw materials, handling of tooling and the raw materials (preforms, resin etc.), processing (infusion/infiltration, initiation of curing process), process controlling and quality monitoring

As a follow up to current advances in material technologies, as well as the growing demand and need stated by the industry, we have recently formed a “new materials and applications” research unit that works on development of alternative composite, ceramic and polymer materials, and new manufacturing technologies, in combination with biotechnology