Augmenting Turkish Industry Through Establishment of Successful Relationships

An insightful and candid interview with Ms . Carey Smith, the President of Defense and Space at Honeywell Aerospace.  The latest updates from Honeywell Aerospace’s Defense and Space division include: New developments in P

Issue 65

Defence Turkey: Firstly, Ms. Carey Smith, thank you for the time you’ve set aside for us. Could you please enlighten us regarding your company’s unique strengths and expansion inhome and international markets?

From a broad perspective at the Honeywell level, about 55 percent of our sales are outside of the US. We are an extremely global company, set up around the world in over 100 different countries.  In addition to our sales we have about the same representation in terms of employees. Within defense and space, international has been a major focus. We’ve been very focused in Turkey.  From a company perspective, we have over 250 people in Turkey, we have operations in both Istanbul and recently set up an office in Ankara which I’m excited about because this is where our customers are for defense, and we have had a long presence here, we’ve been doing work for many years and have very well established relationships with many other Turkish companies.