Australia Defence Team Provides Smart Niche Technologies

Major General Mick Fairweather Head of Australia Defence Team Evaluated Australian Defence Industries, Core Capabilities, R&D Activities and Collaboration with Turkish Defence Companies.

Issue 49

Defence Turkey: Could you please enlighten us about Australian Defence Industry’s core capabilities and R&D activities? 

The Australian Defence Industry or in fact Australian industry generally is a very innovative industry. Its core capabilities are around smart, niche technologies. We make a few platforms primarily ships such as Austal, we make protective vehicles, very famous bushmaster vehicles from Australia but the majority of industry in Australia is based around R&D and smart niche technologies. It may be interesting to reveal to know that the Wi-Fi technology was developed in Australia as well as Google Maps was developed in Australia, while they are not defence industries, they are indicative of the smart niche capabilities to be developed. So our core capabilities in Australia focused around technology, services and very smart niche capabilities.