Bayraktar Tactical UAV Hit the Target

Tarih: Issue 65 - February 2016

Tactical class UAV Bayraktar TB2 manufactured by the Baykar Makine and included in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces in the previous period, executed the first armed flight and firing test on 17th December 2015. Two MAM missiles that are the engineless configuration produced for the unmanned aerial vehicles of the UMTAS anti-tank missile manufactured by Roketsan were utilized during the firing test realized after a-year-long study. 

Following an intense labor of a year, Bayraktar TB2 took-off with the ammunition of 22,5kg placed under  both of its wings. Under convenient weather conditions, Bayraktar TB2 was fired with a free fall from an altitude of 16.000 feet and a range of 8 kms. The laser guided missile was directed to the 2x2 metered target on the ground from the operator at the ground station and the target was hit directly. TB2 Bayraktar, hitting the target right on, accomplished a successful landing with the remaining ammunition under its other wing. With this hit, a firing from an UAV of tactical class was realized for the first time following the firing tests of Anka’s MALE class with the “Cirit” missile.