BITES to Develop User Simulator System for Nurol Makina’s Ejder TOMA

Tarih: Issue 76 - July 2017 Güncelleme: July 15, 2017

With the agreement signed between BITES and Nurol Makina on the 4th day of IDEF, the User Simulator Systems for Ejder Anti-Riot Vehicles (TOMA) of Nurol Makina to be exported will be developed by BITES. The agreement between the parties was signed by Nurol Makina Executive Vice President Dr. Anıl Karel and BITES CEO Mr. Uğur Coşkun.

In his speech made after the award of the agreement, BITES CEO  Mr. Uğur Coşkun said: “BITES has been working on simulation and training technologies for 13 years and we are experiencing our maturity process in our studies in this field. It will be our priority that the simulators to be produced under this program are real-like platforms. We evaluated that these simulators will provide an additional benefit for Nurol Makina’s sales both at home and abroad. I would also like to thank the Nurol Makina executives that prefer and rely on us for this program.

Stating that as a main contractor platform manufacturer, Nurol Makina is aware of the requirement for these simulators, Nurol Makina Executive Vice President Dr. Anıl Karel said: “We are aware of the long-felt need for this simulator, the users are also aware that they need these simulators, within this context we have been in discussion with BITES for a long time. We did some preliminary feasibility studies and during these studies we had the opportunity to experience BITES’s competence in this area. We signed a business partnership agreement today to make a product for the end users. We consider that this agreement will also provide important contributions to the end users. Thanks once again to those for their efforts and contributions.”