BMT Defence Services Ltd

Naval ships of many fleets operate safely and capably at sea due in part to the knowledge and experience offered by the naval architects and engineers at BMT Defence Services. The company applies this expertise in two main ways: • For government a

Issue 13 - December 2008

Where has BMT’s knowledge taken its customers?
• • The UK Aircraft Carrier Alliance relied on BMT for the platform design of the Royal Navy’s future aircraft carriers; the company supported MOPA2 in translating the CVF design at one stage of the French Navy’s PA2 carrier programme;
• In-service RN submarines are kept safe and capable partly through the work BMT does within the Submarine Support Management Group; the same will be true for Canadian Victoria Class submarines;
• The Royal Fleet Auxiliary support team looks to BMT for innovative design change management on the Bay Class amphibious warfare ships of the RFA flotilla;
• The prime contractor that won the Batch 2 Trafalgar class attack submarine construction contract did so in part on the merits of BMT’s platform design. The company continued to provide support during the design of the follow-on Astute submarine;
• The Australian Defence Materiel Organisation received design assessment advice from BMT on the new Air Warfare Destroyer and conversion of the MV Delos to the auxiliary oiler HMAS Sirius; advice was also provided to New Zealand in support of procurement of the Project Protector Multi-Role Vessel;
• The Daring Class Type 45 destroyers’ project team benefited from BMT’s design support enhanced by two decades’ experience of preceding Type 42 replacement programmes;
• The RN deployed their first submarine-mounted dry deck hangar thanks to the design, safety case and project management work undertaken by engineers and naval architects from BMT;
• The central staff of the UK Ministry of Defence are better able to understand competing technologies and plan their future research programmes with the help of the knowledge management systems BMT developed for them.
Where has its employees’ knowledge taken BMT?
BMT Defence Services is Europe’s leading independent centre of naval platform design excellence. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMT Group Limited, the ownership of which is vested in an Employee Benefit Trust.
Being independent of any prime contractor or equipment manufacturer means BMT can be a Critical Partner to UK, Australasian, Chilean, Canadian and Turkish defence agencies, offering advice that is clearly the best to meet customers’ capability and budgetary needs. As are the new designs and design changes the company provide to industry.
The turnover of BMT Defence Services was around £20 million (EUR 25 million) in 2006/7. The company has around 200 employees in offices in Bath and Weymouth in the UK; the parent BMT Group operates 28 subsidiaries employing 1200 designers, engineers, project and risk management specialists through 60 offices in 24 countries.