Boeing and Istanbul Technical University Launch a Scholarship Program for Students and Academicians

New grant programs to support Turkish aerospace and aviation industry

Tarih: Issue 47 - November 2013

Boeing and one of Turkey’s leading technological institutions in aerospace and aviation engineering İstanbul Technical University (ITU) announced that they were launching two grant programs. The first program shall be for undergraduate and graduate students in aeronautics and the latter shall be for academicians and on developing a curriculum for space sciences. Both programs shall strengthen the Boeing-ITU partnership and develop a comprehensive university relations program in Turkey. 

Boeing scholarships shall be granted to two undergraduate and two graduate students with high level technical skills and having great interest in aviation. They shall also be granted to two faculty members of the Aeronautics Department of ITU. The aim is to create undergraduate and graduate programs in aeronautical engineering focused on aerial transportation, material and structure, control and autonomy and aircraft systems and then improve such programs. Faculty grants shall support the research activities and consultations between the other faculties known to be involved with aircraft programs and representatives of the industry.