Briefly NANOBIZ Technology

Issue 91 - May 2019

NANOBIZ Technology Inc., established in September 2006, is located at ODTÜ Teknokent in Ankara, Turkey. The vision of NANOBIZ is to be a globally recognized technology and product developer in the field of homeland security and in the field of CBRN. The company is experienced in biological sensing, biosensors, decontamination and early warning systems. NANOBIZ has various patents, utility models and trademarks in the above-mentioned fields.

NANOBIZ has collaborations in other countries and is taking part in EU projects. The company is also an active member of the EU Working Group Industrial Mission Group of Security: IMG-S TA6 CBRNE and an active participant in R&D projects financed by the EU.

For a while now NANOBIZ has also been the exclusive representative of HOTZONE SOLUTIONS GROUP in Turkey, the world’s most practice oriented and realistic CBRNE training provider and consultant service Provider Company. 

NANOBIZ is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.  The company also has NATIONAL and NATO Secret Level Facility Clearance Certificates as well as a Facility Operation Certificate issued by the Ministry of Defence, in order to conduct R&D and prototyping for the field of CBRN. 

CBRN Research of NANOBIZ

NANOBIZ is originally a biotech company and conducts various R&D projects regarding the use of biotechnology combined with nanotechnology in different industrial areas like health, environment and agriculture. However, during the last 10 years the company has been more focused on biological detection & decontamination technologies, which are the main subjects of CBRN. 

The company participated in the EU 7th Frame Project called GIFT-CBRN which was held by an international consortium of 21 members, as the sub work package leader for developing a portable easy to use biological detection unit at CBRN crime scenes.

NANOBIZ signed a contract with the SSB in 2017 in order to develop a portable hybrid system for detection & identification of biological warfare agents (BIOSENS Project). 

Accredited Service Lab

Besides ongoing CBRN research activities, NANOBIZ has a fully equipped infrastructure to conduct environmental tests related to MIL-STD810. To utilize this infrastructure and know-how in CBRN, NANOBIZ established a service lab in 2013 which is operated within ISO-17025 standards. 

NANOBIZ is the sole regional accredited service lab based on ISO-17025 accreditation of TURKAK - the Turkish Accreditation Agency which has both local and international recognition around the world. The company offers Fungus Test services which are performed according to MIL-STD 810, RCTA/DO-160G ASTM G21, TS4348 Environmental Test Standards.   

Besides the Fungus tests, NANOBIZ started providing test services for decontamination according to NATO-AEP 58. This is an important test used to evaluate biological decontamination capability of decontaminants.

Fungus Tests are one of the most important environmental tests in the defence sector.  Fungi are resistant organisms to environmental conditions and because of their structure, they can grow on many materials from fabrics to electronic components, plastics, rubber that we use in everyday life, as well as to more important mechanical parts, which can endanger human life in the case of operational dysfunction. Fungal growth on materials has very different effects. These effects can range from the appearance and bad odor to the loss of function (conductivity, insulation, etc.) due to fungal growth on the material, or the erosion of the material by growing fungal colonies on the material. A sample of fungal growth on an electronic component is given in Figure-1.

Collaboration with TRTEST 

NANOBIZ signed a contract with TRTEST for fungal/antibacterial tests at the end of 2018. Therefore, according to the contract, NANOBIZ is the solution partner of TRTEST and carries out said tests in-collaboration with TRTEST.

Thanks to the agreement, defence and aerospace companies that need to test their products will be able to benefit from the test services of NANOBIZ by applying to TRTEST. NANOBIZ, which adopts the principle of impartiality, will provide services to these companies as an independent test organization.

The NANOBIZ service lab has accreditation from TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) (accreditation no AB-0863-T) which is recognized by both local and international agencies in specifically Fungus Test Method 508.7 in MIL-STD 810 , Fungus Resistance for Aviation  in DO-160 Environmental Test Standards and Fungus Resistance Test which is performed according to ASTM G21-15 Standards.  Fungus tests are important tests in the defence sector; these tests are applied in order to evaluate the extent by which the material will support fungal growth and how that growth may affect performance or use of the material. The NANOBIZ Lab has test chambers that accommodate versions that require diurnal temperature and relative humidity cycles. The surface of the test pieces are sprayed with a fine mist of the fungal spore mixture, and then incubated for 28 days or longer according to the demand of the customer. Tests can be conducted with a wide selection of certified fungus species including both American and European collections.