BTR Thermal Sight System for Gendarmerie Armored Vehicles by Aselsan

Thermal sight system was integrated to BTR-80 Armored Combat Vehicles within the scope of the protocol signed with of Gendarmerie Public Security Foundation. Aselsan Thermal Sight System provides BTR-80 Armored Combat Vehicles in G

Issue 13 - December 2008

Aselsan, an affiliated company of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation which provides indigenous solutions for Turkish Armed Forces’ requirements, developed BTR Thermal Sight System to meet the needs of BTR-80 Armored Combat Vehicles.

Gendarmerie Public Security Foundation was established in 1997 to strengthen and develop Gendarmerie General Command’s public security services in every aspect. In accordance with the foundation objective, Aselsan was assigned to equip Gendarmerie Armored Vehicles with thermal sight systems by Gendarmerie Public Security Foundation.

BTR Thermal Sight System, a thermal system with two fields of view, provides night vision and firing capabilities to mounted weapon systems in day/night and combat conditions.