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Issue 15 - April 2009

Recent changes in Western countries regulations, such as European Union Data Retention Act, issued in March 2006, require data retention for long term. This new regulations raises criticism for reduced privacy but on the other it’s required to prevent the security. All communication logs are stored for long term, which in some countries go up to five years. Increasing data volumes force telecommunication operators and security agencies to look for better ways of handling this sensitive data.

To address these needs, BTT has already installed large scale Call Detail Records (CDR) collection and analysis systems in multiple law enforcement agencies and is currently in contract negotiation with other regional National Security Agencies for further sales opportunities.

BTT is established in 1999 and located in METU Technopolis, Ankara. BTT has long term experience in developing hardware and software for Intelligence support systems. BTT developed most of the solutions in house, which are used for acquiring intelligence data, enhancing, storing, and sharing the results. Main products are communication-recording systems (COMINT) for security agencies, Air Traffic Controller recording systems, ELINT tapes, data storage and analysis products. Company has exports to 18 countries.