Change of Duty at Aselsan

Due to reaching the age limit, Aselsan General Manager Cengiz Ergeneman retired and was replaced with Deputy General Manager and Communication and Information Technologies Group President Faik Eken.

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

In the handover ceremony, the new General Manager Faik Eken took over the duties from Cengiz Ergeneman. Having worked at Aselsan for many years as General Manager, Ergeneman in his remarks at the ceremony said that he had worked with a good team at Aselsan and was sad to be leaving this team. Recommending that Aselsan employees be happy in carrying out their job, Ergeneman said: “The late Hacim Kamoy used to say, ‘First class people take first class people to their side and second class people take third class people to their side.’ We at Aselsan never hesitated in always hiring first class people.”

The new General Manager Faik Eken indicated that he started at Aselsan 28 years ago as a R&D engineer and said: “Aselsan gave me the opportunity to serve my country.” Indicating that he had been overseas for a long time, Eken mentioned that, “I could have worked there but I wanted to be with Aselsan. I worked with the most intelligent and capable people in Turkey. We struggled shoulder to shoulder on very difficult projects and I had the chance to succeed. During the formative years we had a pioneer team that reflected Aselsan’s spirit. Mr. Ergeneman is one of them. I worked with Mr. Ergeneman during the last 8 years. During this period he undertook leadership in a great leap forward.”