Changing Enviroments, Changing Threats, Changing Strategies Armoured Land Vehicles and Turkey

An Assessment by Anıl Karel, Deputy General Manager of Nurol Makina

Tarih: Issue 37 - November 2012

We have just turned the corner of the first decade of 21st century. Several political, social and economic events have occurred duringthis period. Also, increasing threats to security environment have been observed in this decade. Armed conflicts, terrorist incidents, piracy, reformist protests were and are still being encounteredon a daily basis. While political structure become as diversified, threats to security of sovereign nations and ethnic based focuses on land gains are made up asymmetrical conflicts which involves ideological terrorism. The asymmetric conflicts are largely based on ambiguity of the globalization and technical/economical unbalances, which started with the removal of borders and absence of counter balancing forces by the end of the cold war. As a result of the asymmetric conflicts, battlefields startedto have different dimensions and turned into complex synthetic environments.

Today, military battlefield is defined as multi-dimensional, more complex, more dynamic and ambiguous. Military tactical area is more complex as a result of changing power balances. Threats are changing and increasing day by day. In the past, conventional weapons and armoured vehicles were used in the battlefield, but today, terrorist identity has taken its place. Asymmetric warfare techniques are mostly used by terrorist groups against regular armies, especially in the irregular geographic areas and urban sites. In today’s world, terrorists use new technologies and that’s why new technological defence systems are required forpeace keeping.