Collaboration Between TAI and Spirit Aerosystems Expands

$ 292 million in export is anticipated through the cooperation between TAI and Spirit Aerosystems

Issue 76 - July 2017

TAI has signed a lucrative contract worth $ 292 million comprising the continuation of the existing work packages and job creation with the worldwide leading manufacturer of aircraft structures, Spirit Aerosystems.

Through this contract signed with the Spirit Aerosystems, for which it has been manufacturing components since 2003, TAI will have accomplished exports of approximately $ 292 million. Within the scope of the existing work packages, delivery of a monthly average of 35,000 assembly parts will be accomplished. 

According to the contract, the production liability of the existing 737 MAX and Spirit Aerosystems LTA 1-5 work packages extends until the end of year 2023. In addition to the increase in the existing scope, through the definitive agreement acquired on 14-19 May 2017, a new work package consisting mostly of 737 MAX-777X components, valid until 2023 was acquired by TAI.

 TAI was considered worthy of Spirit Aerosystems’ “Outstanding International Supplier” award for the third time in 2016, amongst hundreds of suppliers.