Combat System of MILGEM 3 and 4 to be Procured by Aselsan and Havelsan

The Combat Systems of the “MILGEM” (Patrol and Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship) project’s third and fourth warships (namely Burgazada an

Issue 56

Within the framework of the aforementioned project, an amendment of 206 million € in order to include MILGEM’s 3rd and 4th Warships’ Combat Systems into the contract has been signed. Aselsan’s work share has been determined as 140.8 million € with the contract. 

Within the scope of the MILGEM Combat System, Aselsan is in charge of making Combat System Integration with Integrated Communication System, Electronic Warfare System, Electro-optical Systems, Navigation Systems, Radars, Air Defence and Weapon Systems, Fire Control Systems, Sonars and Torpedo Counter Measure Systems.