Within the coverage of the Advanced Technology and Industrial Park (ITEP) Project, the groundbreaking of the first R&D building of Technopark Istanbul founded under the main partnership of the Undersecretariat f

Tarih: Issue 31 - December 2011

Technopark Istanbul was founded within the Advanced Technology and Industrial Park (ITEP) Project executed by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industry based on the decision taken by the Defence Industry Executive Committee within the coverage of Law 4691 on Technology Development Zones. The initial step was taken on 12 February 2009 with the signing of the letter of intent between the
Undersecretariat for Defence Industry, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Istanbul Commerce University. Among the objectives of the ITEP Project is the formation of the necessary infrastructure in order to meet the advanced technology requirements of our country through domestic resources and provide a regular source of revenue for the Defence Industry Support Fund in which the project has industrial support, R&D, science and technology and training and education dimensions.

Technopark Istanbul is being built in the rapidly expanding Anatolian Side of Istanbul in the Kurtköy region next to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport on approximately 250 hectares of land. Inside this area is about 140 hectares of forests that has been allocated to the SSM for 49 years. The technopark has transportation advantages that only a few technoparks possess in the world and above all it is easily accessible domestically and from overseas by virtue of the international airport. Located between two busy motorways, the TEM and the D-100 State Motorway, Technopark Istanbul has an important advantage in terms of land route. It is located six kilometres away from Pendik Port which has Ro-Ro facilities and near the Pendik Sea Bus Terminal and Tuzla Shipyards.

The company that will operate the centre will have a one million TL founding capital and five partners. The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries will have 45 percent of the shares, ITO 40 percent, HEA? 13 percent, Istanbul Commerce University one percent and the Defence Technologies Engineering and Commerce Corporation one percent. The difference with this technopark is that it will be founded on an ideal foundation of public and private sectors and universities. ITO has allocated 50 million TL for this project.

Having the Undersecretariat for Defence Industry and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce among the partners of the management company provides Technopark Istanbul with a different vision from other university technoparks. The financial backing, support and means of co-operation as well as professional management services is the most significant feature that distinguishes Technopark Istanbul from other technoparks. Starting with the vision of being an international technopark, Technopark Istanbul will provide the answers to the technological, social and cultural requirements of companies and organisations take will take place within its structure; provide the means of co-operation between specialized academic and commercial establishments; the opportunity to enable quality R&D infrastructure that will ensure the creation of a center of excellence and technopark services that are of world quality.

Technopark Istanbul by enabling the conversion of academic and scientific work that has commercial value into technological products with defence, space and aviation leading the way with target sectors of advanced materials, nano technology and maritime technologies will encourage the formation of new companies as well as the expansion of existing firms. The development of a national innovation system, contributing to the process of a transition to a knowledge society and winning back qualified individuals that went overseas through the brain drain are among the objectives of Technopark Istanbul.