Contract Signed for MMU`s Lightning Testing Center

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

A signature ceremony was held between Turkish Aerospace and HIZAL companies for the establishment of a "Lightning Testing Center" for the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project. The center to be built within the scope of the agreement will be able to test the direct and indirect effects of lightning on the MMU during the development phase.

During the ceremony, Turkish Aerospace President and CEO Prof.Temel KOTİL said, “With the support of our Presidency of Defense Industries, conducting these tests at our center will provide a serious advantage. The tests will also be regarded as R&D projects. Further test centers will be acquired to our company soon.”

HIZAL CEO Prof. Mizrahan HIZAL said, “Conducting such important tests with domestic facilities is important in to detect the deficiencies on-site. We would like to thank Turkish Aerospace for choosing our company for the establishment of this center that will carry out such tests.”

During the development phase of the MMU, which is among the most important projects of Turkey, the infrastructure activities of the Lightning Testing Center to be built on approximately 4 thousand square meters for testing the direct and indirect effects of lightning will be performed by the company HIZAL, which has in-depth experience in the area of high voltage.

The center will enable the elimination of the effects of lightning damage or equipment failure on the MMU under challenging weather conditions, and is expected to be completed in 2022.