Controlling and Monitoring System for Firing Range by T-INDUSTRY

T-Industry s.r.o. is the developer, supplier, implementer and guaranteegiver of he „controlling and monitoring system for firing range“.

Issue 7 - January 2008

This technology is based on a system of controlling and monitoring components from the family LonWorks.The whole system provides implementation of a highly sophisticated hardware
solution (with a complex program controlling) into the elements, which are used in training centers administered by the army, interior or civil sector. Makes use of current electrical wiring No need to build up a new communication
network Compatible with existing devices Support of all current types of targets and target with
laser evaluation of hits possibility to integrate a shake sensor possibility of target lighting possibility of connecting of up to ten detonators, flares and smoke bombs solid construction IP65 T-Industry s.r.o. developed a new type of the big target pop-up ZDV_TI and now offers it on the market of training mechanisms. The integration of this device is recommended for all cooperative firing ranges and ranges for
infantry vehicles. It is also possible to equip smaller infantry ranges with them. This mechanism Works with new Technologies and is fully based on the controlling system LonWorks,
which makes it possible to control and monitor the system via three-phase electricity supply that is used for feeding thy devices with electricity. Pop-up mechanism can carry all sorts
of current targets for infantry vehicles. The mechanism can be equipped with an integrated hit sensor, which allows easy manipulation and immediate readiness of the device for usage. This
hit sensor does not need constant calibration.
Modern big laser targets can monitor the hit with a laser ray emitted from the military achinery and can be connected to any pop-up. Such data about the shooter and the hit spot are
distributed right to the operator’s displaying
unit. Pop-up mechanism fully supports all
lighting functions and shooting imitations of enemy cannon for night shooting. Big target pop-up ZDV_TI allows direct connection of 10 independently operated detonators, flares and smoke bombs. All service functions and functions
connected with the transportation of the pop-up in the field can be induced and operated by a wireless remote control, which saves time and increases protection of the personnel. Optional accessories for ZDV-TI: • Wireless remote control
• Lighting and imitation components
for night training Laser target Apeom 8
Electrical cord 10m Supply variants ZDV_TI:
Various colour finishes made to measure