``Kale Arge Advances Step by Step to Its Target of Being a Center of Excellence for Gas Turbine Systems!``

Considered an important milestone in the development of the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry, a significant step has been achieved in the `Development of Turbojet Engines Project.` The development, production, testing, qualification, and integration of the KTJ-3200, which is Turkey`s first national turbojet engine specifically optimized for use on missiles, target drones and unmanned platforms, has been successfully completed. While the first deliveries of KTJ-3200, which will power ATMACA and SOM missiles, has been started, we present a special interview with Mr. Cüneyt KENGER, General Manager of Kale Arge on the current organizational structure, production capacity and infrastructure of Kale Arge, the development process, and testing activities of KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine, and the ongoing new engine projects.

Issue 110

Defence Turkey: Can we start our conversation with a brief introduction of Kale Arge Company, which was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of Turkey's industrial giant Kale Group for research and development activities? To what extent have you achieved your initial goals in the last 8 years?

Cüneyt KENGER: Kale Arge was established in 2013 to carry out research and development activities on Kale Technical Group's areas of interest. In the following years, it started to focus entirely on "gas turbine systems." Kale Arge's main goal is to become a center of excellence for gas turbine systems – therefore, it continues all its work in this direction.