Creating a global risk-sharing supply chain with

A niche player targets the global market Founded in 1884, Piaggio Aero Industries is one of the world’s oldes

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Managing a global supply chain

To transform its isolated business processes into an integrated collaborative environment Piaggio Aero Industries chose ENOVIA V6 PLM solution running on Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 data management software. V6 provides a centralized PLM platform that supports product development, communication and data sharing across the product lifecycle of its aircraft. “We selected V6 PLM in order to create a safe, fast, scaleable and powerful collaborative base for an efficient, global, risk-sharing supply chain,” said Roberto Zuffada.

Piaggio Aero Industries’ new P1X6 business aircraft is a strategic project that will involve such a complex supply chain. “We wanted to provide a backbone for data management that is web based and at the same time, reduce the cost of ownership by narrowing down the number of suppliers and applications that we use,” said Dario Dellavalle , PLM IT PM for P1XX and CAX Team Leader, Piaggio Aero Industries. Installing the combined solution went without a glitch. “We are essentially using an out-of-the-box solution and the few adjustments we did make were on a user-by-user basis related to ergonomics,” said Dellavalle . “Our past database systems required many days to tune in order to obtain acceptable performance levels. ENOVIA V6 on SQL has already surpassed our expectations when it comes to performance, reliability and security.SQL Server 2005 is the backbone of all Piaggio Aero Industries’ data management and ENOVIA is the backbone of our product and manufacturing data,” said Dellavalle. In addition to using SQL Server to manage all data, Piaggio Aero Industries has introduced other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 and Microsoft Dynamics® as its ERP solution.”

Remote real-time collaboration

The benefits have been significant. ENOVIA V6 allows Piaggio Aero Industries to create and collaborate in real-time from remote locations via the Internet. “Online remote authoring enables all of our stakeholders such as Piaggio Aero Industries employees, risk-sharing partners, suppliers, and customers to connect and work together simultaneously on the same project,” said Zuffada. “With only a Web connection, our technology center in Napoli, for example, and a partner in the USA, can work together in real-time in the ENOVIA V6 environment. They can edit the same model remotely over the Internet without sending each other heavy files.”

Versioning is a critical issue for an aircraft manufacturer. ENOVIA V6 provides Piaggio Aero Industries with a methodology and predefined processes that it can implement to have more control over engineering changes. “These predefined processes shorten our development cycle and therefore, time to market,” said Dellavalle .

3DLive for an immersive experience

Piaggio Aero uses ENOVIA 3DLive to provide both technical and non-technical employees access to corporate intellectual property and to enable them to work together in 3D over the Web. “The V6 interface is very intuitive. Its immersive qualities and powerful search, navigation, and collaboration capabilities allow any user, not just engineers, to easily find information, communicate, collaborate, and experience products in 3D online,” said Zuffada. “Everyone has access to the single version of the truth in real time.”

Enhancing the quality of information delivered to users

Piaggio Aero will soon upgrade the ENOVIA V6 solution to run on SQL Server 2008. SQL Server 2008 enhances database productivity with features that allow Piaggio Aero to create policies that control security, database options, object naming conventions, and other settings at a highly granular level. SQL Server 2008 helps deliver richer information to users through advanced visualization capabilities, detailed reports, and integrated analyses

Companies operating in the Aerospace and Defense industries all have common problems: the high oil-material pricing, increase in demand, exhausting quality management and the correct management of certification processes. Dassault Systemes and its solutions having been successfully implemented by Airbus and leading defense companies, will be unveiled on June 9th, 2010 at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel.

Turkey has a vast knowldege, experience and rooted background in Defense and Aerospace industries. Along with its increasing power in the region and locally, Turkey is taking big steps in becoming a critical player in the world market. Turkey’s advancement in the Aerospace and Defense industries have led Dassault Systemes to organise a half-day event with the title: “PLM for Aerospace and Defense”.

The event will take place on June 9th, 2010 at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel with the collaboration of Airbus and Dassault Systemes (DS). The event will begin with the opening speeches of Dassault Systemes Turkey Country Sales Manager, Burak Süsoy and Dassault Systemes Turkey PLM Enterprise BT SEMEA Sales Manager, Süleyman Müftüo?lu. Presenting the success story of Airbus, the event will also host Dassault Systemes Aerospace and Defense executives; Pierre Marchandier and Eric Giroir who will give a presentation with the title “DS’ Aerospace and Defense Strategy”

Dassault Systemes Turkey Country Sales Manager, Burak Süsoy stated that the event will create a pivotal opportunity in exchanging information for experts in the Aerospace and Defense industries. “Today reducing the process of design and manufacturing is playing a critical role in Aerospace and Defense industries. In parallel to that situation, companies are looking to decrease costs and effectively manage products which are getting more complex every day. Dassault Systemes’ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are offering effective solutions for these challenges. We are inviting companies in Aerospace and Defense industries to attend our meeting and learn more about the developments in PLM as well as the solutions offered by Dassault Systemes” said Burak Süsoy.