Criminal Investigation Vehicle ‘KIRAÇ’ Introduced to the Minister of Interior

Issue 100

Attending the launch ceremony held by the Criminal Department of Turkish National Police, Minister SOYLU underlined that new capabilities continue to join the Turkish National Police with high technology products such as KIRAÇ.

June 17, 2020. The introductory meeting of the New Generation Criminal Investigation Vehicle (KIRAÇ) developed by Katmerciler, one of the leading companies of the Turkish Defense Industry, was held at a ceremony with the participation of the Minister of Interior Süleyman SOYLU. 

Minister of Interior Süleyman SOYLU delivered a speech at the ceremony organized by the Criminal Department of Turkish National Police. President of Defense Industries İsmail DEMİR and Chairman of the Executive Board of Katmerciler İsmail KATMERCİ also attended the ceremony where Minister of Interior SOYLU made critical comments. Minister SOYLU said, “Peace, public security and safety are essential for everyone” and added that the capability of the Security Forces was improved with high technology products such as KIRAÇ, as he expressed his gratitude to the manufacturer Katmerciler. 

Taking the floor with Minister of Interior SOYLU at the ceremony and delivering the key to an attendant, İsmail KATMERCİ, in his statement after the ceremony, noted that they were proud to facilitate the operations of the Turkish National Police with the indigenous vehicle they developed and underlined that KIRAÇ is a world class vehicle.

Presidency of Defense Industries assumed a critical role in the launch of numerous projects in the defense area and KIRAÇ was developed as part of these projects. KIRAÇ is an indigenous mission vehicle designed and manufactured by Katmerciler to enable the Criminal Department of the Turkish National Police for rapid and effective performance of its activities. 

KIRAÇ was developed to enable the effective investigation of crime scenes by National Police teams and for the secure and fast collection of evidence. The vehicle is being manufactured in three different configurations: Unarmored Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle and Unarmored Criminal Laboratory Investigation Vehicle.

A total of 60 KIRAÇ vehicles will be manufactured and 20 of them will be armored vehicles, while the remaining 40 will be unarmored. Moreover, 385 panel van type Crime Scene Investigation Vehicles with all equipment to be utilized during criminal investigations will be manufactured by Katmerciler and will be delivered by mid-2021. The first batch of six KIRAÇ vehicles were demonstrated and their keys were delivered during the ceremony. These vehicles were delivered in April 2020.

KIRAÇ: Completely Indigenous Product

KIRAÇ was developed as a completely indigenous project in order to meet the requirements of the Criminal Department of the Turkish National Police. This crime scene investigation and mobile criminal investigation vehicle has much more superior features than the previously manufactured criminal investigation vehicles. It contains various units such as an office compartment, evidence protection unit and a laboratory unit. This vehicle will be utilized in crime scene investigations and criminal laboratory investigations. KIRAÇ features various systems from range and direction detection systems to evidence analysis devices, automated finger and palm print identification system (APFIS), chemical analysis and evidence protection system and internet and satellite systems. 

KIRAÇ, with rotation speeds of 4x4 and 4x2, is able to climb a 30-degree slope. KIRAÇ features wide area lighting kits and contains compartments of an office, laboratory and an evidence protection unit. With the help of its fully independent suspension system and automatic transmission 4x4 characteristics, the vehicle offers excellent maneuver capability in all weather and road conditions. The extra load capacity of the vehicle enables different levels of ballistic protection and use of versatile equipment. 

KIRAÇ is capable of climbing a 20-degree side slope. Independent suspension systems of the vehicle provide high comfort on both asphalt and field conditions, in addition to the superiority rendered in the adaptation of precision instruments to the vehicle. The vehicle controls the region it is located in by the use of a 360-degree camera system. KIRAÇ contains an intercommunication system and a GPS. All vehicles as part of the KIRAÇ Project were designed to perform under all weather conditions.