CTech Displayed its Cyber Security Capabilities at FUSE-IT Demonstration

Issue 77 - September 2017

FUSE-IT (Facility Using Smart Secured Energy & Information Technology) project is a Smart Building Management System project that covers the requirements of energy, installation, information, automation, network and security areas for Critical Areas and Facilities, and that deals with them from sensor level to user interface level. FUSE-IT aims to meet sustainable, robust, efficient, user-friendly, reliable and a secure building management system for critical facilities, and to offer an integrated solution for sustainability, security and safety issues. The project was supported by the 1509-TÜBİTAK International Industry R&D Projects Support Program. R&D activities within the scope of the Project were carried out in four different countries by 20 different organizations, including Airbus and Thales, for three years. During Gazi Teknopark application demonstration, the system components developed by the Turkish partners of the Project, namely CTech and Forte ARGE, were demonstrated live and the project results obtained by other partners of the Project were explained. Within the scope of FUSE-IT, CTech developed a cyber security situational awareness product and provided the integration of it with an integrated building management system. Through the developed product, the cyber elements in smart/critical areas and facilities are detected, cyber vulnerability analyses are performed and the related managers are informed accordingly by generating a risk diagram with joint evaluations.