DAKA “Torpedo Counter Measure Systems’’ will Protect Submarines

The closing ceremony of the DAKA project realized by Aselsan and protecting submarines against threat torpedoes was organized at the Macunköy facility of Aselsan.

Issue 59 - March 2015

Dr. Hasan Canpolat, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Aselsan, thanked those who have contributed, stating that they have undersigned a very important success. Dr.Canpolat, expressed that Aselsan works with the aim to nationalize all the technologies required by the Turkish army ranging from  the heights of  space down to beneath bodies of  water. Dr.Canpolat, stating that the TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) has become more powerful  than before with the technologies produced in Aselsan, finished his words saying “ May it be well and prosperous for our country.” 

Aselsan General Manager Mr. Faik Eken said that the Acoustic Torpedo Countermeasure Decoy System for Submarines (DAKA) Project is a very important milestone for other acoustic projects. Mr. Eken expressed that they have acquired to provide for the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in without being dependent to outsiders as a mission for themselves in his speech. Mr. Eken, stating that Aselsan has started  work in the submarine field in the year 2006, recorded that they have made crucial investments in the submarine acoustics field apart from the DAKA Project as a firm, gaining an important accumulation in this field.