Dassault Systems Provides Innovative Solutions to Turk?sh Defence Industry

Defence Turkey:First of all, could you please inform us about the DS capabilities, products and technology it provides to defense companies? Dassault Sys

Tarih: Issue 30 - October 2011

Defence Turkey:Could you please enlighten us about the activities of Turkey Office since its establishment?

Dassault Systèmes Turkey office was established in Istanbul in 2008. At the beginning there were 3 employees, while today after 3 years Dassault Systèmes Turkey office has 12 employees, which shows the fast growth.

Dassault Systèmes has decided to invest significantly in Turkey as it believes in the big potential and bright future of this country. DS Turkey office will surely continue to grow, both in terms of numbers of employees and also in terms of business partners that we work with. Currently in addition to Dassault Systèmes Turkey direct sales channel, Dassault Systèmes has 10 contracted business partners in Turkey, all of them having strong experience and knowledge in many different markets and sectors.
DS Turkey has 3 different sales channels within DS globally and all 3 of these channels are fully operational in Turkey as well. All 8 brands of Dassault Systèmes are currently available in the Turkish market through either DS‘ direct channel or through local business partners.
Dassault Systèmes Turkey is witnessing significant growth in all channels in Turkey since the establishment of our subsidiary office and this shows that the positive effects of the local presence is already there.

Turkish Defense Industry as Aerospace Industry is more and more visible in the world. Not only as Tier one but as OEM (main manufacturers). With strong collaboration and partnerships Turkish A&D Industry developed a strong knowhow. As Dassault Systèmes is working in the A&D since 30 years now, we decided to be closer to our partners and customers. We are creating more and more partnerships with Turkish Companies and we even co develop some solutions. The Turkish expertise is strong and it is important for us to provide the latest technologies and tools to our top customers. Managing the conception of complex systems, not only mechanical design but simulation, system engineering etc, we have to be next to our Turkish customers and partners.

Dassault Systèmes Turkey follows the latest technological developments of Aerospace Industry. Dassault Systèmes products are widely used in this sector in Turkey as wide as it is used in all around the world. Dassault Systèmes Turkey aims to serve leading Turkish defense customers with its new generation PLM solutions and elaborated product line. Dassault Systèmes Turkey office plans to focus on how they can be more helpful to their customers through R&D and offset offerings
Defence Turkey:How do you assess your cooperation with Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry? Could you please inform us about the projects and ongoing programs carried out with Turkish companies?

As you may know we establish our relationship with customers and partners on trust and confidentiality. But we can share with you that we are working with all Turkish A&D players, for Aero, Space and Defense.
DS is recognized as a leader in this industry. Our Skills, our tools, our way to contribute to value creation is recognized. Planes or Defense systems are made with our tools, as CATIA, or produced with DELMIA, or simulated with SIMULIA, and it’s known. The Turkish industry establish many joint ventures with key players in A&D, companies using our tools too.
We hope to be more and more involved in these programs. As an example, we can even support intelligence department or C2 (command and control) people with our Search based application tools (EXALEAD). Many opportunities, that why it was crucial for us to be next to our Turkish customers.

Defence Turkey:
What are your objectives and strategies to strengthen the cooperation with Turkish Defense Industry?

Being pro active, anticipate. The new paradigms in Defense are based on agility (react fast, define and produce more quickly), anticipate complexity (system of systems strategy, system engineering), integrate Nato requirements and Rules to foster integration of forces, use COTS technology for a better Return on Investment, Use secured component for collaboration, Cyber warfare, etc… All these components are already used in the industry. Giving opportunities to forces to challenge their requirements, to simulate action and operation are key, as giving to the procurement as Ministry of Defense a good platform to drive projects or finally support Industrials in their development, That’s what we want to do. I did some presentation to Armies and Forces, and they discovered that our tools and solutions can be applied to their works. When you can simulate a factory, a plane or a ship, on the same model, you can simulate an army, a region or a country.

Defence Turkey:- Could you please inform us about your new technology “System of System”?

When you look at a plane, you have the structure itself but engines, radars, avionic, landing gear etc. They are all sub systems. It’s complex to create them but imagine the level of complexity when you integrate all these elements all together; Simulating a radar is hard, but when you integrate it in a plane flying at mach2 with a lot of constraints, it’s tough time, trust me.
System of system is the ultimate level for system engineering. Finally, to give you a example, it’s considering the full Army. A collection of heterogeneous systems and sub systems, provided by different suppliers, which have to work all together. Basically, in reality, we discover sometimes that something is missing, or something is wrong. It’s just because none can integrate all the data that we need tools and solutions for that.
So with our tools, we digitalize and simulate all components, even to sub level details. We use failure analysis, requirement management & traceability

Defence Turkey:Would you like to add a message for our readers?

I think Turkey will be more and more a first line player in the A&D industry. Dassault Systèmes is more and more involve here and we will co develop more and more.
Many people knows us for CAD and Mechanical design but we have more than that. We invest a lot on system engineering, which is key for tomorrow, we develop technologies for 11 industries (Automotive A&D industrial equipments, shipbuilding Energy etc…) and then we really can use and reuse some technologies for Defense. As I said, the paradigms changed. We have to be more efficient, save time and money, save resources and anticipate. Virtual worlds don’t shorten the world, they give us an opportunity to experiment, to validate, to train etc. Just on this topics, we developed and invest on virtual training (called serious gaming).
Basically Dassault Systèmes will be more and more there, trust me, and we will give the best return on experience and the best tools.