Defence and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association

SaSaD General Secretary Mr. Hüseyin Baysak

Issue 40 - February 2013

Since its establishment in 1990, SaSaD has been performing its activities within the framework of its duties for the development and strengthening of the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry as well as contributing to its competition capacity. Our objective is to be the influential voice of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry both in our country and international platform, liaise for facilitation in business environment where sector players perform activities, and thus to contribute to our sector to be able to fully meet Turkey’s defence and security needs and to become competitive in international arena in coordination with contracting and procurement authorities by ensuring the cooperation of its members. In line with its duties, SaSaD gathers the manufacturers and companies, organizations and institutions delivering services in Defence and Aerospace field in Turkey under its umbrella, which satisfy the requirements specified in our Member Acceptance Regulation.

Considering the fact that it is not possible to gather all enterprises at different regions of our country having skills and capabilities to serve our sector, developing technology in defence, aerospace, space and security fields, producing goods and services with indigenous technologies under this umbrella, SaSaD attaches great importance to the structuring of companies having similar capabilities under a cluster. The "cluster activities" of these enterprises, forming the technological infrastructure of our sector, are supported in all aspects and their integration with our members is encouraged.