Defence and Cyber Security Platform in Virtual World

Dr.Cüneyd Fırat-General Manager,C2TECH

Tarih: Issue 48 - January 2014 Güncelleme: January 10, 2014

Cyber security, according to the definition of The International Telecommunication Union (UTI), is the creation and maintenance of security mechanism that can protect institutions, organizations end users’ assets. Besides affecting users and their assets, cyberattacks expose great risks to nationwide critical infrastructures such as military, financial, health and energy systems, and their utilization as a form of military threat among nations is a well known fact. For that reason, candidate Cyber Security strategy and solutions should be evaluated in the context of national security and encompass the whole cyberspace simultaneously with the same depth and resolution. To this end, Turkey presented its Cyber Security strategy under the title of ‘’National Cybersecurity Strategy and 2013-2014 Action Plan’’ on June 20,2014.

Efforts related to the strategic plan, action plans and policies supporting them are in progress. Cyber Security Council where the representatives of such critical institutions as TSK (Turkish Military Forces) CyberDefence Center and EGM (General Directorate of Security) Cybercrime Center take place can be considered the most important step.