Delta Electronics contributes to the Turkish Defence Industry

DEFENCE TURKEY :Mr. Mete, first of all could you inform us about Delta Elektronik’s general structure, vision and development since

Issue 15 - April 2009

Delta Electronics acts as a consultant of well-known big foreign companies, which have qualified and certified products useful for Turkish Military.

At the same time Delta has made important contributions in the name of technology transfer and positive contribution to the realization of Turkish Defence Systems. As a result of our activities, we have gained a good reputation as a reliable and distinguished company.

DEFENCE TURKEY It is known that Delta Elektronik took place in significant projects as the representative of Giant companies in Turkey. Could you please inform us these partnerships?

Regarding our partnership as the representative of giant companies in Turkey, we have achieved below program/projects for the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

• Delta Electronics has assisted Northrop Grumman and Rockwell Collins to fulfill their offset obligations.
• Delta Electronics had received a subcontract from Lockheed Martin, Syracuse for NATO Radar Contract for engineering support regarding telecommunication tower and other related requirements.
• Manufacturing licensing agreement between Rockwell Collins and Aselsan for MFD/CDU production.
• Sperry International PMEL Facility.
• Composite Propellant MKEK Facility.
• Army Stinger Propellant Facility – Atlantic Research – Roketsan
• Automated Tracking Systems – General Electric Melbourne – TuAF
• NATO Radar Contract – General Electric Aerospace – Lockheed Martin – TuAF
• Avionics for Cougars (Phoenix I&II) – Rockwell Collins – TuAF + Army
• F-16 Radar Upgrading – Northrop Grumman – TuAF
• CASA – Rockwell Collins – TuAF
• Hellfire Seahawk – NAVY
• Hellfire AH-IW – ARMY
• GDAS (Burlington) AH-IP Guns – ARMY
• Avionics for Black Hawks – Rockwell Collins – ARMY
• AEW A/C Mesa Radar – Northrop Grumman
• KODAK – Several Programs with Turkish Air Force and MOND
• Performed the Software Changes of Existing PLGRS in the ARMY’S Inventory
• 50 ea Black Hawk Glass Cockpit – Rockwell Collins

DEFENCE TURKEY In recent years Delta Elektronik provides technical support as sub contractors of these companies. What are the capabilities and technological support services of Delta Elektonik?

We have highly qualified personnel who served many years for the military and government with a technical background and military experience in addition to their abilities we are providing foreign training and education possibilities so that they improve their cultural and technologic background.

In the framework of engineering and technical support we are taking responsibility of companies during the guarantee period and failure defected products are changed with new products after coordination with companies.

With this educated personnel we make contributions to parties by using the same language to solve problems in a short period and execute programs in a more beneficial way.

DEFENCE TURKEY Could you inform us completed and ongoing projects carried out by Delta Elektonik?

In the Coverage of modernization of AN/APG-68 (V) 7 Fire Control Radars into AN/APG-68 (V) 9 of Turkish Air Force (TuAF’s) F-16 Block 50 and Block 40 Aircrafts. Delta Electronics played an important role in:

• Introducing radar to TuAF and inclusion in the modernization program
• Carrying out development activities for AN/APG-68 (V) 9 at the depot level repair/maintenance capabilities established under Havelsan responsibility.

Seahawk I, II Meltem I and II, C-130 Erciyes program; Delta Electronics contributed to;

• The production of MFD-268E3, CDU-900 equipments at Aselsan premises
• Rockwell Collins and Aselsan co-production of new version MFD-268 C5 displays.

In the scope of C-130 Aircrafts Modernization program of TuAF;

• AN/APN-241 Radar and Avionic Modernization with technologic capability were provided to C-130 aircraft by Delta Electronics’ support.

In the coverage of Avionic and Communication Systems Modernization of UH-1 and AS-532 helicopters in Turkish Land Force (TLF) inventory.
Delta Electronics,

• Introduced Rockwell Collins avionic and communication systems to Turkish Armed Force (TAF) and Aselsan for the Modernization of Helimod-II Program.

We are interested in ongoing projects/programs related Turkish Armed Forces;

• Main Battle Tank Program
• Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS-ATACMS)
• Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
• Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
• ATAK Helicopter Program
• CARGO Helicopters for TLFC
• Utility Helicopter Program
• Turkey T-LORAMIDS Program (PATRIOT PAC-3)
• UAV’s
• Simulator Programs for Different Platforms
• Basic Trainer Aircraft (HURKUS)
• Military Satellite Program
• Precision Guidance Systems (LGB, LGTR)
• Hellfire II G/M’s for Seahawk Helicopters
• Symphony/Pathfinder Projects.

DEFENCE TURKEY Are there any international activities around Turkey in Delta Elektronik’s agenda? Could it be considered to have a partnership with Global Companies you cooperated with in terms of technical support for their activities around Turkey?

Delta Electronics Ltd. is a Turkish company that brings together an exceptional team of internationally respected professionals with a combined experience of over 20 years in Test, Telecommunications and Defense Industry.

Delta Electronics plays an active and efficient role in civilian projects such as industrial and aerial photography, fiber optics and in Wireless commercial companies as like Willtek Telecommunications, Microlab, NoiseCom, Boonton also Signal Recovery, Solartron Analytical, Scribner, Norecs in Electrochemistry Field of Universities as well.

Not only Sales representative and distributor of these companies but also provides technical services after sales of Wireless Communications Test Equipment.

Delta Electronics is authorized to service Willtek products according to the Willtek Service Guidelines. It is equipped to handle, maintain, repair and calibrate Willtek products in accordance with the Willtek Quality Standard.

Delta Electronics has Accredited Service Center Certificate of Willtek and Authorized Service Provider Certificate of Turkish Accreditation Agency (TSE).

DEFENCE TURKEY Could you please inform us about your goals and objectives in terms of new partnerships, investment, R&D and develop your capabilities?

Delta is planning to open an office in Istanbul to carry out Commercial Business and Regional system activities closely to be more effective in this field as well.

Delta Electronics is also planning to establish Delta Engineering in the near future additional capabilities, such as:

• S/W development and S/W adaptation for Turkish Industry, Government and Foreign principals.
• Services for repair, test and maintenance of selected Principal companies’ products will be made available for our principal companies.
• S/W development for PC Games and GSM/Cellular Phone Companies (Built-in Games)

While working meticulously for the future, Delta Electronics aims to surpass itself by applying broader business development programs and achieving full customer satisfaction with its highly qualified staff who work in close coordination with its customers and the companies it represents.

DEFENCE TURKEY As an expert who has personally contributed to Turkish Defence Sector for many years, how do you assess the position of Turkish Defence Industry in and around Turkey?

Turkey was procuring most of defense industry needs through direct buy in 1970’s and allocating considerable amount of budget for this purpose. Together with the establishments of Aselsan, TAI, Havelsan and Roketsan Turkey has applied co production model to decrease dependency for foreign resources. Nowadays the number of civil companies which have greater interest in defense industry and this helps Turkey to reach the phase in which she can produce many items with indigenous designs. In return Turkish defense industry has an approach now that programs not only targets to meet the Turkish Armed Forces need but extend the markets for Turkish products. SSM has been playing major role in organizing all defense industry activities and providing local companies with chances to increase their variety of products.