Design and Technology Show by Kale Defence & Aerospace at IDEF

Turkey’s well-established industry group, Kale prepares for a design and technology show at IDEF 2019, the 14th International Defence Industry Fair with its original design products. Kale Defence and Aerospace’s original products from National Infantry Rifles to Turbojet Engines will be exhibited at the Fair organized under the auspices of the Presidency.

Issue 91 - May 2019

Completing 32 years in the defence industry, Kale Defence and Aerospace participates in IDEF ‘19 the 14th International Defence Industry Fair with its original design products.

The Group, a stakeholder in global projects working with global customers on one hand, and a contractor of domestic and national projects on the other, plays a strategic role in this regard presenting its expertise to the domestic industry in a business incubator role, will present a design and technology show at the fair with its products. 

The Fair will be held at the Istanbul TUYAP Fair and Congress Center between April 30 and May 3 under the auspices of the Presidency, and the original products of Kale Defence and Aerospace, such as Turbojet Engines, Krueger Flaps, Wing-Assisted Guidance Kits, National Infantry Rifle and other light weapons will be exhibited.

In his statement before IDEF, Osman OKYAY, Vice Chairman and President of Technical Division of Kale Group, said: “Our vision in defence and aerospace was determined by our late founder İbrahim BODUR’s understanding of ‘Everyone would choose the easy way; you should aspire for the difficult’. Today, when we look back at the sector in which we have spent 32 years, we see that we have a strategic mission, such as being a stakeholder in important global projects, undertaking critical domestic and national projects, and becoming an Incubation Center for the domestic industry. We are proud to be an important part of Turkey’s great success story in defence and aerospace with the competence we have gained over the years.”

Kale Group’s original products to be exhibited at IDEF and specifications:

KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine: As a subcontractor of the Presidency of Defence Industries, Kale has developed the KTJ-3200 Turbojet Engine, nationally and indigenously, which is specifically optimized for use with cruise missiles, target drones or alike. Its features include a compact design, high thrust - low fuel consumption values and starting capabilities in different altitude/mach speed conditions. All controls and accessories of the KTJ-3200 have been developed indigenously by Kale. Thanks to the KTJ-3200’s outstanding abilities, with certain modifications it can be adapted to different air platforms.      

High Precision Guidance Kit Extended Range: The HGK-ER is a wing-assisted guidance kit that converts existing unguided 1000lb MK-83 and 500lb MK-82 general purpose warheads into long-range, air-to-ground smart weapons. In this way, general purpose warheads, dropped from 30,000 ft, gain the capability of hitting targets from a 100 km range, precisely, in all weather conditions, enabling aircraft to complete their missions safely without entering into the enemy air-defence zone. The HGK-ER is certified to F-16C/D Block 40 and F 4E/2020 fighter aircraft. 

Krueger Flap: The Krueger Flap, manufactured and assembled by Kale for Boeing 777 and 777X model aircraft, is the only flap type used in the front part of the aircraft. These areas extend from the trailing edge of the wing, and they increase the camber and the surface area of the wing when an increase in lift is required at low speeds. 

MPT-76 (National Infantry Rifle) and light weapons: The MPT-76 has been designed and developed by Kale since 2008 using completely national and local resources. As of 2017, the MPT-76 has started to enter the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish security forces. The MPT-76, of which Kale is one of the most important designers and manufacturers, is one of the rare rifles that successfully passed the 42 worldwide NATO standard tests such as conditions of cold and hot air, sand, rain and mud. 

A light weapon, the KCR556, which entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish security forces for over a year ago, is a local and national infantry rifle designed and manufactured by Kale. The KCR556, developed by Kale and is capable of firing 5.56 mm ammunition, is a successful rifle having passed all NATO tests and has been proven working in difficult conditions such as cold, hot, wet, damp, dust and mud.

Kale’s another small arms, the new 50-caliber (12,7 mm x 99 NATO) high-precision bolt action sniper rifle KSR50, features a fully modular rail system with Keymod rails that allows the user to attach any accessory. With Kale’s design and production, the KSR50 has also entered the inventory of the TSK.