DİTAŞ R&D Center Contributes to the Defence Industry

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

DİTAŞ R&D activities focus on Technological Development and Sustainability. Considering that an R&D Center is needed to carry out studies systematically to achieve this aim and to prepare a foundation for innovative efforts in the context of a Project Management Office, DİTAŞ lodged an application to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in 2017 to establish an R&D Center in the scope of the Law on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities, numbered 5746. Its application having been approved, DİTAŞ was awarded the 571st R&D Center Certificate by the Ministry and obtained the right to benefit from the incentives and exemptions granted to R&D Centers pursuant to the provisions of the law. Officially inaugurated in 2017, the DİTAŞ R&D Center continues its efforts to contribute to the development of industry in Anatolia and to help Turkey achieve its targets of reducing the current account deficit. 

Combining its deep-rooted design experience with the advantages of being an Integrated Production Facility, the DİTAŞ R&D team has long been utlilizing a research and development infrastructure that will serve innovative products in the automotive industry. With its know-how and experience, it serves both the key industry and independent aftermarket in steering and suspension system components. Having set its company strategy for 2017 as “Being a Part of the Transportation Industry and a Business Partner”, by not limiting its activities solely to the automotive industry with its key players and independent aftermarket companies serving globally, in light of this strategy the DİTAŞ R&D Center has concentrated its R&D efforts on 4 main industry groups, including Automotive, Railway Systems, Agriculture and Defence & Aviation.  Approximately 4.5% of the company’s turnover is allocated to the expenses of their R&D center in order to carry out activities in these areas. 

Working with the biggest companies of the defence industry, the company increasingly continues its efforts to attain its targets in the defence and aviation industry. The products to be manufactured are intended for national projects and strategic areas in Turkey. Furthermore, developing the infrastructure and know-how of the company will bring new technologies to Turkey and will ensure that all the aluminum parts used in the defence and aviation industry are met by DİTAŞ.

In the Defence Industry, where the DİTAŞ R&D Strategy began, efforts are focused in three main branches: Land Vehicles, Aircraft, Special Purpose Military Vehicles

In the area of Tie Rod designs, one of the most important parts of the steering suspension system, DİTAŞ works with the major industrial companies that manufacture parts for the land vehicles in the Defence Industry. The steering tie rod, which the company worked on for the vehicle used in challenging terrain and climatic conditions, has proven itself with its high endurance and high maneuverability. Imported parts are redesigned by DİTAŞ acting as co-designer in the scope of localization, and computer-aided FEA and life tests and design validations are carried out with their own means. Sample production is carried out with rapid prototyping facilities, while onboard tests are continued in the main industries. Then, the parts are localized by providing support during the production stages.

It has been decided that the production of the rods used in the flight control systems in the Turkish aviation industry will be carried out in Turkey, and DİTAŞ has started its efforts for the design of these parts. As a result of R&D activities, the design, development and mass production of new types of products can be achieved.  DİTAŞ designs products at low cost, with an aim for an economic service life, which also meets the military requirements. First and foremost, the company’s goal is to supply the parts produced/to be produced for use in the defence & civil aviation industry from domestic sources, and then to perform production for overseas markets.

Due to the high standards and requirements necessitated by industrial products, a special Rubber Bushing and Ball Joint, which transfers motion from the steering wheel to the tie rods and axial joints for Wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers, is planned to be manufactured by the main industrial companies in Turkey. While several R&D activities are currently in progress for this new required product; rubber bushing and ball joints are also being developed for use in wheeled armored personnel carriers.

Thus, critical information and know-how relating to the Turkish defence industry, which is an issue concerning national security, will remain in Turkey. It is considered that especially NATO member states could prefer these products in the future, due to the advantage of production costs in Turkey.

With the strength of its R&D center, DİTAŞ will continue to move forward with confident steps toward becoming a global brand and will stand out as a solution provider for global brands as it provides services in all areas of the transportation industry.