DSEI 2015: Turkey was Represented with 14 Defence Industry Companies

Issue 64

Under the coordination of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and Defence Industry Exporters’ Association, Turkey attended the DSEI 2015 event in which the high-tech products and systems related to sea, land and air security and defence industry were displayed for three days in an area of 830 square meters with a total of 14 companies namely TAI, Havelsan, Roketsan, MKEK, BMC, Dearsan, Denar, FIGES A.S., Kilim Group, Menatek, Otokar, OSSA, YDS and Transvaro. 

At DSEI 2015, Modern Infantry rifle MPT-76 and domestic ammunition were displayed at the MKEK stand, SOM-J cruise missile, 2.75” Laser Guided “Cirit” Missile, Anti-tank missile UMTAS-UL and missile launcher systems were demonstrated at the stand of Roketsan and Otokarunveiled  “Arma” 8x8 Armored Combat Vehicle along with the Mizrak-30 turret system it developed for armored combat vehicles in 2011.