EDA Signs a Framework Agreement to Provide Carl-Gustaf Ammunition for its Member States

The European Defence Agency (EDA) and Saab Dynamics AB have signed a multi-annual framework agreement for the provision of different types of ammunition for the ‘Carl-Gustaf’ recoilless anti-tank weapon. 

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

The framework agreement will last five years and includes a possible renewal of two more years, with an estimated value of up to € 50 million. The agreement was finalised on 30 June 2014.

The framework agreement comes under a procurement arrangement between EDA and Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Poland, agreed on 23 April 2013. Under this arrangement EDA acts as the central purchasing body, taking the leading role in the procurement procedure for Carl-Gustaf ammunition in the framework of EDA’s Effective Procurement Methods (EPM) initiative. EDA will also be in charge of managing the framework contract to fully exploit the effects of pooling demand.