Embraer Delivers the Sixth C-390 Millennium Aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force

Tarih: Issue 123 - July 2023

Embraer today delivered the sixth C-390 multi-mission aircraft to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) on June 16, 2023. This is the first aircraft delivered in the Full Operational Capability (FOC) configuration. The FOC certificate confirms that the project meets all the requirements defined by the FAB and that the aircraft can carry out all missions for which it was designed. The other aircraft already delivered to the FAB will be updated to operate with their full capabilities. In addition, all aircraft to be exported could receive these capabilities.

First Troop Transport Group (1º GTT), based in the Anápolis Air Force Base, will operate the sixth aircraft. All the aircraft ordered by the FAB are prepared to carry out aerial refueling missions, with the designation KC-390 Millennium.