European Defence Agency Study Identifies Cooperation Prospects in Cyber Defence

Issue 45

 The European Defence Agency (EDA) today presented results of its stocktaking study of military cyber defence capabilities. Using an in depth methodology, the study benchmarked the degree of “Cyber Defence Readiness” of 20 participating Member States (pMS) and different EU level organisations. The landscaping exercise shows a mixed picture with respect to military cyber defence capabilities on national and European level. It recommends strengthening cooperation, exchange of information and proposes avenues for pragmatic Pooling & Sharing of some cyber defence capabilities. The study supports the relevance of the cyber defence activities launched by the EDA in the areas of cyber training ranges and deployable situational awareness kits for CSDP missions. 

“Cyberspace can be described as the fifth dimension of warfare, equally critical to military operations as land, sea, air and space. Our study reveals important gaps in military cyber defence capabilities across the EU. The Agency is offering Member States a range of projects to cooperate in the area of cyber defence capabilities as well as in the research & technology domain”, says Peter Round, Capabilities Director of the European Defence Agency.