The Peace Onyx (PO) III F-16 Modernization Program, preparatio

Tarih: Issue 7 - January 2008 Güncelleme: January 01, 2008

A ceremony was held at TAI’s facilities on 11 July 2007 for the celebration of the kick-off of PO-III program. During the ceremony, which was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, Turkish Air Force Command, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and Lockheed Martin, information regarding the program was also shared with the guests. With the PO-III program, the F-16s that are in the inventory of TuAF will be equipped with high-tech, state of the art avionics and weapon systems, thus become more powerful in many
aspects. Considering the previous F-16 production
and modernization programs, successfully realized by TAI, it is apparent that the Company has the essential know-how and experience to perform its responsibilities in the POIII
program. Being aware of the fact that the above
mentioned activities require dedicated team work and very close coordination with Lockheed Martin and TuAF, TAI is ready to perform PO-III and other future serial modification activities successfully with its commitment to high quality services and on schedule deliveries.