F-513 TCG Burgazada was Launched

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended a ceremony held on the occasion of the launch of F-513 TCG ‘‘Burgazada’’ corvette, which was built under the MILGEM project, and the first welding of another corvette, F-514 TCG ‘‘Kinaliada’’, which is to be built as part of the same project. Also attending the ceremony held at Istanbul Naval Shipyard were Prime Minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of National Defense Mr. Fikri Işık, Chief of General Staff Full General Hulusi Akar, Force Commanders and other relevant officials.

Describing the ceremonies as two highly important events for the Turkish defense industry, President Mr. Erdoğan recalled that TCG “Burgazada” and TCG “Kinaliada” corvettes, which were launched and welded respectively during the ceremonies, were the 3rd and 4th warships built under the MILGEM project after the other two warships, TCG “Heybeliada” and TCG “Büyükada”.

Expressing his thanks for those who contributed to the project, President Erdoğan said: “Turkey is advancing with determination on the path to becoming a self-sufficient country in the defense industry. Just 1.5 months ago, we took the first step of a project of historic importance for the Turkish Naval Forces on April 30, making the first weld of our multi-purpose Amphibious Assault Ship “Anadolu”. Our country will upgrade to a completely different league once the building of this ship is completed, which is to be the first ship that the vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts can also use.”

Erdoğan: “We Should Completely Eliminate External Dependence in the Defense Industry by 2023”

Stressing the need for starting and running projects like the MILGEM to strengthen the Turkish Navy, President Erdoğan stated: “We should upgrade to a higher level in the defense industry and become a country that leads, produces and pioneers rather than follows and consumes. As a country that aims to eliminate external dependence in the defense industry by 2023, we should quicken our steps. I see the “Burgazada” corvette, which we are launching today 3 months ahead of the planned date, and the “Kinaliada” corvette, the welding of which we are making now, as a symbol of our determination on the issue.”


F-513 Burgazada to be in service in 2018

TCG “Burgazada” is the third ship of the series built at Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command as part of the MILGEM project that was launched in order to build modern warships upon the 2004 decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee.

The construction of the TCG “Burgazada” Corvette began on 17 December 2014, at Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command. The 29 blocks of the corvette were built in 18 months and assembled on the slipway. The ship was launched upon its completion 3 months prior to the estimated date on the contracts. After its launch, outfitting operations are to be continued before testing and initial entry into service. Hence, the ship is estimated to be delivered two months prior to the contracted date of December 2018.

The TCG “Burgazada” Corvette is able to undertake surface battles, underwater battles; active air defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, command and control, active asymmetrical defense operations.