Falconeye-IRST (Infra Red Search&Track Capability) by Aselsan

Tarih: Issue 47 - November 2013

Falconeye-IRST (“Infrared Search and Track”) is a very high performance electro optical sensor system consists of a High Definition thermal camera, High Definition day TV camera, laser range finder and/or laser target designator. Falconeye-IRST gives the opportunity of 7 days 24 hours 360° panoramic reconnaissance, surveillance, automatic target detection and automatic target tracking.

Falconeye-IRST has a capability of positioning the sensor units 360° in azimuth and in between specific angles in elevation axes with the help of two axes platform. To achieve almost similar performance as stationary, the two axes platform has an extremely high stabilization accuracy. As a result, despite the harshness of the mission, the Falconeye-IRST System has the ability to maintain undistorted thermal and day TV image, long range laser range finding/designation and automatic target tracking while placed on a deflecting MAST even on the move.