First Japanese-Assembled F-35A Components Mate at Nagoya Faco

Tarih: Issue 65 - February 2016

The first F-35A Lightning II aircraft began its assembly at the Nagoya, Japan, F-35 Final Assembly and Check-Out (FACO) facility on 15th December. The aircraft, designated AX-5, has officially begun the mate process, where major components of the aircraft are joined together to form the aircraft’s structure. F-35A AX-5, the first Lightning II aircraft slated to be assembled in Japan, will complete its assembly in the Electronic Mate and Assembly Station (EMAS) and roll out of the factory for delivery in 2017.

The first four Japan F-35As, aircraft AX-1 through AX-4, are in various stages of production at Lockheed Martin’s F-35 facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The first, F-35A aircraft AX-1 is expected to deliver in 2016.