First Version of ADVENT Software Completed

Doğan ÖZDEMİR - C4I Surface Programs Manager, Havelsan

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

ADVENT, a new generation Combat Management System (ADVENT CMS) has been accepted by the SSB after an intensive testing process and the first version has been put into service in the KINALIADA corvette. The system has been in developed by the Turkish Naval Forces and HAVELSAN A.Ş. since 2010,

ADVENT software is a result of about 6 million lines of code by Turkish engineers and is a candidate to be one of the world’s leading advanced war management systems. It will be used in all of our warships, which are still under construction and will be built in the future, as well as in ships which will be constructed overseas.


is a completely national and domestic combat management system that

has access to fully integrated TDL functions through all operator consoles,

is force-oriented instead of single ship,

responds to the needs of the network-supported operational approach, 

seeks to facilitate the user’s quick and accurate decision-making through decision support systems,

targets a flexible structure in the use of new weapons and sensors.

After the first version of ADVENT CMS is installed in the MİLGEM 4th Ship TCG KINALIADA, the following versions will be deployed in the LHD project. ADVENT is planned to be used in all command control systems that the Turkish Naval Forces will supply in the upcoming period.

ADVENT CMS will be the central component of naval combat systems. This component will meet the command and control requirements of the commanding team. Within this scope, it will enable the realization of the tactical picture based the ship and task organization levels, providing support for situational awareness, threat assessment and prioritization, engagement planning and implementation of engagement activities.

Capabilities to be Gained

Network -Enabled Capability (NAC)

Mutual Engagement Capability 

The planning and execution of engagement is calculated independently by CMS within the scope of the  ship and the coordination of this function is carried out by the Air Warfare Coordinator for the overall task force. However, because of the nature of the dynamic and fast developing Air Warfare environment, there is a need for fast and effective engagement planning, proper allocation of resources and coordination of this planning with other platforms.

ADVENT CMS aims to fulfill this need by sharing the weapon and sensor capabilities of other platforms in the task force and to make the planning throughout the task group taking into consideration the threats, the units and resources to be protected and to meet the plan mutually through execution capability.

Task Force-Focused Services Instead of Single Platform

CMS Capabilities, which are offered as ship-focused (navigational plans, regulations, operational plans, search and rescue, etc.) will be planned and presented by taking into account other platform capabilities where operations are mutually carried out.

Training Capabilities

Advanced training capabilities are offered both in virtual environment and in the real environment. This training can be carried out on a single platform basis and can be realized together with other platforms that are operated with NAC.

TDL Functions Integrated with CMS and Having Access Through All Consoles

Currently the multi-link system functions can be accessed only via assigned independent consoles. With its current condition, the consoles and the gained capabilities are not integrated with the CMS. Through ADVENT CMS, all information shared on TDL networks can be accessed by all consoles, and the TDL functions to be gained will be offered as distributed to all CMS applications.

Dynamic Integration and Flexible Use of Weapons and Sensors

Thanks to this capability, it will be possible to support the flexible and dynamic integration of new weapons and sensors such as ÇAFRAD, National G/M etc. to CMS, as well as the mutual engagement infrastructure.

Rule-Based and Integrated Decision Support System 

Through this capability, in case the rules described by the operator which are processed by the SYS and the detections which comply with the rules are made, it is possible to warn and inform the operator and to enable the pre-determined actions to be processed automatically.

Additional Operational Capabilities

ADVENT CMS, in addition to the basic combat capabilities, it provides assistance in mine operations, amphibious operations, defence against asymmetrical threats, search and rescue operations, marine inspection, humanitarian operations and so on. 

Additional Capabilities

ADVENT CMS will provide a user-friendly and flexible operator interface which is developed over the modern hardware and software infrastructure. Moreover, it will have capabilities such as multiple work space, authorized access to functions, dynamic help, situational menu, Turkish and English language assistance, warning infrastructure with operator interaction, 2D or 3D status presentation, infrastructure for dynamic data recording and play.