FNSS Achieves Another First with KAPLAN MT (Harimau)

Tarih: Issue 98 - April 2020

The Medium Weight Class Tank KAPLAN MT, developed by FNSS jointly with the company PT Pindad, the Indonesian State Defense Corporation, has successfully completed all the qualification tests of the Indonesian army and has qualified for serial production.

With the joint production agreement signed during the IDEF fair last May, which became effective in December of the same year, the activities for mass production started at FNSS facilities. A total of 18 KAPLAN MT tanks will be produced within the scope of the agreement, 10 of which will be produced in Turkey and the remaining 8 will be produced in in Indonesia.

The KAPLAN MT Project, to be realized by a technology transfer model from FNSS to PT Pindad, attracts attention in terms of being the first export agreement of Turkey in the Middle Weight Class Tank and as the first project which was launched within the framework of Defense Industry Cooperation Agreements signed between Indonesia and Turkey.

FNSS General Manager and CEO K. Nail KURT: “The Indonesia Kaplan MT project also gains importance in terms of the fact that we have implemented many firsts that were referred to as “not possible” and we have satisfied user demands in a short period of time in the design, qualification and serial production processes of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles. At this stage, we are proud to be able to fulfill our commitment for adding value to our stakeholders once again with the comprehensive international technology transfer we have made for the fourth time.”