FNSS Employees Awarded for 25 Years of Service

At the FNSS New Year’s party on December 23rd in Ankara, the “Seniority Awards” were presented to the employees of the company that have achieved 20 and 25 years of service. FNSS CEO Mr. Nail Kurt was among the awarded employees and the event ended with the New Year’s ball

Issue 80

Approximately 1,200 people, composed of the employees and their families, attended the annual FNSS New Year’s party.  The employee “Seniority Awards” designated for those who have been with the company for 20 and 25 years were given to the distinguished individuals by FNSS CEO Mr. Nail Kurt at the award ceremony that was held prior to the New Year’s ball.  Addressing the employees before delivering the awards Mr. Nail Kurt said, “FNSS continued to grow in 2017 and we will continue to do so next year. We introduced new names to our company in 2017 and with their participation we are leaving behind a very successful year in respect to sales and turnover. Hereby, I would like to thank once more all our employees making this possible. We have a challenging year ahead. I believe that all our employees will be doing their best in 2018 as they did this year. Next year we expect to hold this event with 1,400 – 1,500 people. I would like to take this opportunity to wish our employees and their families a happy new year.”

Following the opening remarks, initially the employees who have completed 20 years with the company were awarded and then the awards for 25 years were granted. FNSS CEO Mr. Nail Kurt was also amongst the names receiving the seniority award of 25 years. 

FNSS CEO Mr.Nail Kurt took part in the preparation of the proposal for the first ZMA project at Nurol in 1987 and made its mark in numerous successful projects since the establishment of FNSS, and contributed to the company in reaching its current significant level both in our country and abroad.

Having a critical place in the design and production of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles and weapon systems for the Turkish Armed Forces and the armed forces of allied countries, FNSS is one of the worldwide leading companies in its area that conducts its production activities in two foreign countries with over 4,000 armored combat vehicles used all over the world by different countries and with over 200 domestic sub-contractors.