FNSS Ramps up PARS 6x6 Mine-Resistant Vehicles

President of Defense Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR: “We will deliver the Pars 6x6 Mine-Resistant Vehicle, which will be the first in the world, to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2021.”

Issue 100

July 19, 2020. The first assembly was completed of the Pars 6x6 Mine-Resistant Vehicle, developed within the scope of the project launched by the Presidency of Defense Industries in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

The introductory meeting for the 6x6 Mine-Resistant Vehicle Project, in which FNSS is the main contractor, was held at FNSS Gölbaşı facilities with the participation of the President of Defense Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail DEMİR, Ministry of National Defense, Turkish Armed Forces, General Directorate of Security and defense industry representatives.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of Defense Industries Prof. Ismail DEMİR emphasized that the vehicle is able to eliminate attacks that may occur during its mission both in residential areas and in the field with its remote-controlled weapon system.  The vehicle is designed with new generation high protection capabilities that ensure the safe transfer of personnel. Expressing that the vehicle can operate in all kinds of terrain with its 6x6 mobility, Prof. DEMİR said, “After the qualification tests that will continue until the end of the year, all of our vehicles will enter the inventory in 2021 and will be offered to the use of the TAF for the first time. This vehicle has several features that we call the firsts in the world and has high export potential. I hope this qualified vehicle will be beneficial to our Security Forces and the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). Initially, we will start with 12 platforms and hope there will be more platforms in the future.”

Prof. DEMİR: “During this period we have been going through, we see that various restrictions and embargoes continue increasingly. The company that developed this vehicle has also faced such restrictions and embargos, but has moved on by overcoming all kinds of restrictions and hindrances with domestic production. We would like to thank both FNSS and all our defense industry companies and ecosystem, which continue the indigenization process despite such hindrances and are taking the National Technology Move to the next level. We no longer worry about other countries shaking their finger at us and we keep moving forward on our defined path with determination. Every threat, every restriction is a warning sign for us. We have seen various elements of this warning sign in this vehicle, and we have made localizations accordingly, and we continue to do so.” 

FNSS General Manager and CEO Nail KURT pointed out that the vehicles to be produced within the scope of the PARS 6x6 MRAP Project have reached the assembly stage in a short period of 15 months from the effective date of the contract, adding that when the vehicles enter the inventory of the Armed Forces, more strength will be  acquired especially with the durability and survivability of the vehicles.

Within the scope of the project, efforts exerted together with local and national organizations, especially with Aselsan and TÜBİTAK, will continue effectively as well in the logistics support period after the deliveries. The project stands out as it fulfills the technical and tactical requirements of the new generation vehicles that the Turkish Armed Forces and world armies may aim to acquire for their inventories in the future, and it also meets  technological needs in terms of implementing modern Integrated Logistics Support (ELD) approaches.

In light of the presentation made to the President of the Defense Industries Prof. DEMİR, the Ballistic tests of the PARS 6x6 MRAP vehicle, developed by FNSS to meet the requirements of the Special Forces Command, are planned to be conducted in July-August of this year, the IED and Mine tests in August-September 2020 and the Mobility and Durability tests in August-December 2020. In the images shared for the PARS 6×6 MRAP, it was seen that the vehicle was equipped with two FNSS Remote Control Weapon Systems, Aselsan’s YAMGÖZ Close Range Surveillance System, Aselsan’s GERGEDAN Jammer System against Remote-Controlled Improvised Explosives and Aselsan’s SEDA Gunshot Detection System.